KTM boss Stefan Pierer wants to be an angel investor; sets up new startup fund

Austrian websites are abuzz with news of a new €5 million startup fund being setup by KTM boss Stefan Pierer. The original news seems to have appeared in the Monday (December 16, 2013) edition of an Austrian language business magazine called ‘trend’.

Details are sketchy, but thanks to Google Translate we have pieced together that Pierer wants the fund to start investing by March 2014. Focus will be on startup and growth companies in the automotive industry.

While this funding activity is expected to stay outside the KTM group structure, the translated text does suggest that KTM will provide significant support to any potential ideas coming out of portfolio companies.

As translated:

“In Austria, the money is not the bottleneck, but in many cases it lacks the ability to engage at a very early stage to review the marketability of the idea,” says Pierer who wants to be an active angel investor. As such, it is of particular concern to him, the founders of the KTM Group to provide the network available and to provide a contact to customers so a reality check of the concept and made first reference projects can be implemented.

Sources: Format and Wirtschafts Blatt

Flying Tiger Motorcycles’ two stroke smoke puts you in the powerband

Ever since I retired my trusty RD350 from the daily commute in favour of new hotness Duke 390, I lack a certain olfactory impact. This was never a problem with the RD, belching fragrant blue smoke as it did. I smelled of sweat and petrochemicals in my decade-odd on the bike, but I still found a bride and continued to be gainfully employed.

Cut to present day, that rough feeling at the back of the throat is gone, making me wonder if — on balance — the odd cigarette wouldn’t be that bad for me. My pants aren’t greasy. I’m unsure how quickly I can disassemble a carburettor with nothing but a coin and saliva. My clutch forearm is contracting back to human size. My hair is going. I have trouble sleeping. Chyawanprash fortified with gold isn’t helping.

But I think I’ve found my panacea. Flying Tiger Motorcycles sells a candle that’s touted to be scented with racing two-stroke oil. Single ester? Double? Can I run an oil pump? What about a conditioning rinse after? I don’t care anymore. Just take my money.

/Via blog.motorcycle.com

Do we need another horsepower war?

There’s an interesting piece on Visordown that questions the lack of talking points in motorcycling today. In the ’90s, we had the top speed wars between the Hayabusa, the Zx12R and Blackbird, but these days it’s all quiet. Perhaps it’s more politically correct to not talk about speed, or perhaps it’s the fact that almost everything north of 1000cc makes 180bhp these days. So what’s next? Commenters suggest manufacturers shift focus on useful torque or power-to-weight ratios instead of putting all their efforts into peak power. More than a few note that the new KTM 1290 Super Duke R is storming in the right direction.

What’s your ideal motorcycle? Light, quick, useful sounds like a good recipe to us!

Hind Ki Rani is a brassy Bullet build

Hind Ki Rani is a custom Bullet 500 the likes of which you’ve probably never seen. There’s a whole lot to like (and perhaps dislike?) in the build. Retro sprung saddle, hand-engraved metal and a whole lotta brass. Tyres appear to be an MRF Zapper Q (a rear tyre) up front and something off a Harley-Davidson Sportster out back, giving it shades of the fat-tyred H-D Forty Eight. The overall effect is interesting, if a little oriental fetishist.

KTM 125/200/390 Duke Supermoto spied

Internet, you have once again delivered us from tedium and melancholy. Reddit threw up this image recently, which clearly shows one of the smaller KTM Dukes in supermoto form. From the black frame, we’d guess it’s a 125 or 200. Changes from the street Duke appear to be a high side-mounted exhaust, visibly higher ground clearance, longer forks (they look a bit more raked out too) and a long, tall, flat seat. Footpegs look neutrally placed compared to the Dukes, which should allow for standing up properly.

Originally from ktmforum.eu